The timeline for getting from the selection of your customized floor plan to being ready to build goes through a lot of different processes. These add up to anywhere from 4 (at best) to 6 months as shown below.


1. Design - Plans

The first phase of your dream log home is the design and drafting of the plan. Every floor plan on our website is a concept and can be customized to your specifications. You may want additional bedrooms or a balcony on one of the bedrooms; all of this can be done to make the log home unique to you. There are several factors involved in the design process, from situating the house on the property to maximizing the sun’s benefit, to soil capacity, to snow and wind loads on the structure. This all needs to be taken into account and includes a few revisions to the plans.

Approximately 4 Weeks

2. Engineering Phase

The second stage of the design is where the plan has been completed and then it’s off to the Engineer where the structural side is addressed from top to bottom. The Engineer is not concerned about the architecture per se, but how well it will stand in variable forces such as Wind, Snow, Seismic, Fire and so forth. The Engineer has to take into account where you live and the environment around where the home will be built. This process depends upon how busy the engineering company is at the time.

Approximately 4 – 8 weeks

3. District Approval

Once the plan has been “Stamped“ by the engineer, it is ready to be inspected by the district for approval. Most districts have their own set of rules and guidelines and need to be sure that they are included in the plans. This process depends upon how busy the district is at the time.

Approximately 4 – 8 weeks

4. Schedule The Build

You now have your building plans and permit. You are now ready to break ground and to get on your contractor and log builders schedule. During the design process both the log builder and contractor pencil in a tentative start date, but this is a sliding scale due to the variable time lines, and you may expect a delay before commencing the log work.

Approximately 4 Weeks

The log work is typically 4 - 6 weeks per truck load, largely depending on design. A fair rule of thumb is every 1,000 square feet of the log home fits onto 1 transport truck.